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Does My Child Have Oppositional Defiant Disorder?

From time to time all kids are defiant, especially when they are tired, stressed, upset or hungry. They may argue, disobey, talk back, ignore parents, teachers and other adults. Quite often such behavior is a normal part of the development for toddlers and early adolescents. But when defiant behavior becomes frequent and affects kid`s social, family or academic life, it may also be a sign of Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD). Read more “Does My Child Have Oppositional Defiant Disorder?”

Social Media Depression: How to Protect Teens

These days, Social Media has drastically changed the way we live, socialize and make friends. With all benefits Social Media gives us, there are also negative drawbacks. Spending time connected and interacting online, teens miss out on the critical social skills development. They may even come across cyberbullying, sexual solicitations, catfishing, sexting and others dangerous Internet phenomena. Besides, Social Media can lead to peer pressure, addiction and depression. Read more “Social Media Depression: How to Protect Teens”

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