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Cosmo After Dark: How to Protect Kids from X-Rated Content

These days, kids have more ways than ever before to communicate with their family and friends.  While living in the digital era has its benefits, parenting in the digital age can be a challenging and complicated process.

Now there is a great number of apps on the market. Whether your kid uses an iPhone, iPod, Android smartphone or tablet, they can access a great deal of applications. While some of them are harmless, there are a lot of apps that pose a severe danger to your kid. Snapchat is one of these apps. From first sight, it looks absolutely innocent but can be extremely harmful.

Cosmo After Dark?  A New Level of Inappropriate

In May 2018, Snapchat presented a new channel in the Discover section, which is called “Cosmo After Dark.” In other words, it is the adults-only channel that goes live every Friday at 6. p.m. Cosmo After Dark content seems to contain more items of pornographic nature than Snapchat itself. And, there is no option for parents to turn it off. Besides, there are almost no parental controls to monitor or restrict kid`s online activities on Snapchat.

What parents need to know about Cosmo After Dark?

  1. The Cosmo After Dark is a new channel, but the adult content on Snapchat is not. If you run through the Discover section on Snapchat, you will see things that are not appropriate for kid`s eyes, for example, adult toys, sexting discussions, sexually-explicit photos, etc. Besides, there is a lot of information about partying, drinking, weed smoking, hangovers and vaping. If you allow your kid to use Snapchat, you should at least know about it and take needed precautions to prevent it.
  2. Adult content couldn`t be filtered for young users. Generally, the Discover section reflects user preferences, but if a kids want to find the sexually-explicit content, they will be able to do it.

How parents can protect kids from Cosmo After Dark

Even if the Cosmo After Dark channel is already closed, it doesn`t mean that your kid is safe on the Snapchat app. There may be still inappropriate content, cyberbullying, online predators and it is needed to remain vigilant. So what parents should do to protect their kids from Cosmo After Dark and similar Snapchat dangers?

  1. Check the birthdate

Make sure that your kid has a correct birth date on the Snapchat app. It may help to filter out the unwanted channels and articles which are age-inappropriate or may be harmful to your kid.

  1. Have a talk

Don`t be a parent who turns a blind eye to the digital risks or thinks that it will not happen to their kid. The digital reality is scary, and it is a duty of every parent to protect their kid online. That`s why it is important to have a keep the line of communication open and have a conversation about online risks.

  1. Teach kids what to do when they see adult content

It is a common thing to come across X-rated content online even if you are not looking for it. That`s why teaching your kids how to act when they see adult content, and that they need to inform you immediately when it occurs. Remind them that they will not be in trouble if they accidentally run into adult content.

  1. Curiosity is OK

Let your kids know that there is nothing bad in curiosity, but seeking out the sexually explicit content it is not the way to satisfy a curiosity. Googling information about sex can expose them to risk and distort the picture of family and relationship between man and woman. To prevent searching information about sex, educate your kid and answer all their questions. It is really important.

  1. Use parental app

If you think that your kid is not mature enough to use such social media platforms like Snapchat, you may simply block them with Kidgy low-cost cyber nanny. It will give you a certainty that your kid will not come across questionable and age-inappropriate content or interconnection with online predators. Apart from app blocking, Kidgy has a lot of useful features: GPS, text messages, calls, Internet Browsing monitoring, daily scheduler, etc. Besides, parents can set safe and dangerous zones remotely and get notifications once their kids enter them.

Cosmo After Dark is the only one of those things that your kids may be exposed to online. Don`t have “not my kid” syndrome. Knowing all the dangers that kids may face online can help to prevent a troublesome situation before it starts. Keeping the line of communication open and using parental controls like Kidgy will give parents as much assurance as can be achieved right now.


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