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Everything parents should know about the Periscope

Everything parents should know about the Periscope

Periscope is a funny and entertaining app for many teens, as they are able to share their life with other people. As for parents, it provokes a lot of concerns, consequently they find this app dangerous. Deciding if the kids can use Periscope, parents should be extremely cautious and take all the risks into consideration.

What Periscope is?

Periscope is a live streaming app, which works in conjunction with Twitter. It allows users to broadcast live videos to their followers only with the help of a smartphone. Livestreams can be public or available only for certain people. But is Periscope safe for teens? There are two reasons which make this app risky:

  • You don`t know what stream you will see and can`t be sure the content will be appropriate for a teen;
  • With the livestream the current location of your teen can be easily identified.

What features it has?

As we already mentioned, Periscope is an app which was designed for live streaming. But it is not the only one feature it has. There are much more of them:

  • Real-time interaction. The viewers can not just watch a video but also interact by giving a heart or adding comments under the video.
  • Interactive map. With this feature you can search for the live streams by location and see all video broadcasts from the different parts of the world.
  • Replays. All the video broadcasts are saved automatically on Periscope and can be replayed during 24 hours after the broadcast ends.
  • Download video stream. When the Periscope broadcasting is finished, there is a possibility to download it to your phone.
  • Integration with Twitter. Periscope is closely connected with Twitter. So it allows to inform your Twitter followers on your Periscope broadcasts.

Is Periscope safe for teens?

Many parents wonder if Periscope for kids is a good idea. Let`s overview the list of main dangers kids may encounter using this app.

  1. Inappropriate content. On Periscope it is very easy to find inappropriate livestreams, even if you are not looking for them. If you are searching the videos by location, you can see the map of the world with markers where people are broadcasting.
  2. Cyberbullying. On Periscope it is very easy to leave hateful or insulting comments. As the real-time cyberbullying is hard to track, it makes this app a perfect platform for cyberbullying.
  3. Online Predators. Like the other social media platforms Periscope is the sweet spot for online predators. They can stream improper broadcasts to teens or request teens to stream inappropriate broadcasts.
  4. Legal outcomes. Having a desire to stand out of a crowd and be able to broadcast gripping and hard-hitting videos, teens are ready to go to extremes. They are ready to shatter the window or break into the ice cream truck, not thinking about further troubles they may have.

What parents need to know?

All live-streaming apps like Periscope endanger the security of a teen. They include real-time broadcasting, determination of the current location and comment-based interaction. Despite of the fact, that Periscope is a relatively new app and not much information is available, there are some rules parents can follow:

  • Create your own Periscope account. It will help you monitor what your child is streaming on their account.
  • Turn the location off. This rule is applicable not only for Periscope, but for other social media platforms like Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook.
  • Have a conversation with your child. Teach your child that such location markers like home or school should never be broadcasted. Moreover, it is prohibited to share pornographic or sexually explicit videos.
  • Use the Kidgy app. Using the Kidgy app you can easily block all unwanted apps like Periscope on your teen`s phone.

From one side, Periscope is a funny and gripping app for teens, but from the other side, this app has a lot of risks. Even if you trust your child, don`t trust the Internet. The best way to protect your child is having a friendly conversation and using modern technologies to block apps you don`t approve.



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