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Everything Parents Should know about the Yellow app

Everything Parents Should know about the Yellow app

 What the Yellow app is?

Yellow app is a new smartphone app which is aimed at young generation. Using this app, teens can see the pictures and the account information of people in your vicinity.

It is rated 18+, which means that this app is intended for adolescents. But actually, there is no restriction to prevent younger kids from downloading and using the Yellow app. It has the same analogy as the Tinder app. The only difference is that Tinder is considered like a dating app for teens, but the Yellow one is an app for making friends.

How it works?

Firstly, you download an app from the Google Play Market or App Store. Then the Yellow app asks your phone number and sends a verification code on your phone.

Secondly, an app asks your Snapchat username and to answer four questions:

  1. What is your name?
  2. What is your date of birth?
  3. Are you male or female?
  4. What are you looking for? (a boy, girl or both);

Thirdly, you need to upload a selfie. Then an app asks to enable the location usage if you want to meet other people nearby.

Within this app you are supposed to swipe right on the pictures you like and left on the ones you dislike. Once two users choose each other by swiping right, they become friends on the Yellow app and get each other’s Snapchat username.

 Why the Yellow app is dangerous?

The Yellow app raises a lot of concerns among parents, as this app is new and there is no much information about it. Let`s overview the main dangers this app has:

  1. It is connected to Snapchat

As this app is linked to Snapchat, consequently has the same dangers as that app.

Thus, on Snapchat kids can face with  sexting, cyberbullying and communication with online predators. What`s more despite of the fact that all snaps disappear in a few seconds, all the pictures can be screenshoted and shared on the Internet later.

  1. No age verification

The Yellow app is considered as Tinder for teens and may be used by 18+ audience. But in reality, this app doesn`t have any age verification and is mostly used by users aged 13-17. Besides, online predators may use this app to lure a child into their trap hiding their real age and pretending to be minors.

  1. Too much personal information

The fact that the Yellow app uses the teen`s geo-location can provoke unwanted consequences. For example, online predators can use the pictures to find out where their potential victim is and go there to find a teen. Besides, teens can be involved in sexting by posting nude or semi-nude photos online. Teens are attracted to the fact that a photo disappears in several seconds and any person can simply take a screenshot of the picture before it disappears. Then all compromising pictures may be used for threatening, embarrassing or bullying.

  1. It promotes “Hooking up”

The main purpose of the Yellow app is making friends. But actually there are some reasons to raise red flags. Creating new account, users need to express their gender and fill the box which states about their search: looking for a boy or girl.

Consequently, teens can easily connect with each other with the purpose of dating, which can lead to sexual activity and sexting.

  1. Lack of safety

The Yellow app is a social media platform which doesn`t care about kids’ safety. In other words, the Yellow app puts teens in touch with people they don`t know.

Taking into consideration that the Internet is full of dangers (cyberbullying, online predators, deception), the Yellow app only makes things worse, revealing the current location of a teen.

How can parents protect their kids

Being a parent it is very important to know how to protect your child from the Yellow app dangers. Here are two reliable ways how to do it:

  1. Have a conversation with your child

If your child has started to use the Yellow app, then it is high time to have a conversation. Talk about the Internet safety and the further risks the usage of Yellow app may have. As a parent, you need to be involved in your kid`s cyber life and teach your child not to share the personal information and be careful with the content they share.

  1. Use the parental control app

If you think that your child is not mature enough to use the Yellow app you may simply block this app with Kidgy app. It will reduce all your worries about your kid`s safety and ensure that your child is not involved in sexting, cyberbullying or communication with online predators.

As a parent, it is your duty to be aware what apps and social platforms your child uses. In this article, we explained what the Yellow app is, how it works and what dangers it posses. But it is up to you to decide if this app is appropriate for your teen`s age and can be used wisely by your child.



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