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Get Your Kid`s Safety for Less than Your Daily Coffee

 Get Your Kid`s Safety for Less than Your Daily Coffee

Hard to believe but your kid`s safety might cost less than your daily coffee. Done with your kid`s excessive phone usage and constant gaming? Or, simply want to be sure they are not skipping classes to meet a new friend from the social media? Follow us and we will prove that understanding your kid is not that difficult.

What Kidgy is?  

You still think that to have a peace of mind you need to invade your kid`s privacy or take their phone away? Sorry to disappoint you, but actually, it is not the case. There is the other kid friendly method – Kidgy.

Whta is KIdgy app?

It is a low-cost cyber nanny, which allows to supervise your kid`s online activities remotely. Kidgy acts within the strategies of the international institutions like UNICEF and the European Commission, which advocate for creating a risk-free online environment for a kid. It was developed by digital parents and contains a great number of monitoring features. With Kidgy you can:

  • Read your kid`s text messages;
  • View their calls and contact list;
  • Monitor their real-time location;
  • Mark safe and dangerous zones on the detailed map and get notifications when your kid enters them.
  • Monitor apps and block hazardous ones;
  • View the Internet activity and block unwanted sites;
  • Give tasks remotely and follow their progress;
  • Restrict the Internet usage for sleeping hours or school time;


Kidgy is free with an upgrade option starting from $9.99/month;

Who is it for?

This app is for wise parents who prefer not to worry about their kids’ online safety and whereabouts.



  • Monitor: You can view what your kid is up to online, their real-time location, their call logs and whom they are texting;

  • Manage: You can set limits on apps usage and block unwanted sites from your phone. Limiting your child social media usage, you can make them concentrate on school projects and home chores;

  • Protect: Make sure your kid is not involved in the Internet dangers, such as cyberbullying, sexting, communication with online predators. With Kidgy, you can put filters on your kid`s online activities by blocking adult sites and restricting social media usage during school or sleep time.

  • Educate: You can check on your kid`s home assignments and improve their school progress remotely. Besides, you can teach your kids how to manage their time effectively.

Overall features:

Unlike the other apps, Kidgy has both free and paid features for monitoring your kid`s phone.

  • Free features: Panic Button, Schedule, GPS location

Kidgy is available for both Android and iPhone. Depending on your kid`s phone the number of features may vary.

  • Paid features ($ 9.99/ month):

If your child`s phone is Android, you can do the following:

1) Monitor calls and text messages,

2) Monitor GPS locations,

3) Monitor Apps,

4) Monitor Contacts,

5) Set up geo-⁠fencing and use Panic button,

6) Blocks Apps and Calls,

7) Block Browsers,

8) Give tasks to your child and check them remotely.

If your child’s phone is an iPhone, you can do the following:

1) Monitor GPS locations and Contacts,

2) Set up Geo-⁠fencing and use Panic button,

3) Give tasks to your child and check them remotely.

4) Block Websites

How to get started?


No need to violate your kid’s privacy anymore. There’s Kidgy, a kid-friendly method to be always aware of what your kid is doing online.


Make your parenthood simpler and enjoyable – use Kidgy



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