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How to create a Family Sharing Apple ID for your kids?

How to create a Family Sharing Apple ID for your kids?

Using Family Sharing you can not just share all your App Store purchases with your family. Besides, you can use Family Sharing to protect your kids from buying unneeded things without your permission. Receiving a request, you can allow or deny the purchase. Here is the instruction how to set it up.

What you need to know about Family Sharing

Family Sharing option allows to add up to 6 members. In order to work, all the devices should be running iOS 8 or above. If your child is under 13 years old, you can add their accounts to Family Sharing setup. It will help to prevent them buying things without your permission.

Once you create Apple ID for child, you will get an “Ask to Buy” button. Every time your child wants to purchase something on the App Store you will get notification about it.

Family Sharing Features

With Family Sharing you can share:

  • All purchased content (music, movies, books, pictures etc.);
  • Photos with all family members;
  • Calendars with all family members;
  • Locations (which allows to know all whereabouts of your family members);

What`s more, you can:

  • Locate any family member`s device using Find my phone feature;
  • Use “Ask to Buy” to give a permission to your underage kids to buy things on the App Store.

How to set up Apple ID for a child

  1. Open Settings on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Click your Apple ID (the name you use to sign in).
  3. Choose Family Sharing.
  4. Choose Create an Apple ID for a kid and click Next.
  5. Enter your kid`s day of birth and tap Next.
  6. Read the Parent Privacy Disclosure and then click Agree.
  7. Enter the Security Code for the payment method and click Next.
  8. Enter the first and last name of your child and click
  9. Enter an email address. It will be used as your kid`s Apple ID and click
  10. Check the email address and click Create.
  11. Enter a memorable password both for you and your child. It should contain at least 8 characters, numbers and uppercase then click Next.
  12. Choose 3 answers memorable for you to identify you easily when you want to make changes to your kid`s account.
  13. Put the button “Ask to Buy” After it your kids will need your approval to buy something on the App Store.
  14. Share your kid`s location with all family members using Messages and Find My Friends. All family member will be able to see kid`s location in Find My Phone.
  15. Read the iTunes Terms and Conditions and click Agree.

Congrats! Your child Apple ID is successfully created and your child is added to your Family Sharing. Now they can use it to log into their personal devices. Every time they want to purchase any app, song or picture, you will get a notification to submit or decline their payment.

How to move your child into Family Sharing

If your child already has a regular Apple ID and spends a fortune buying different things on the App Store, there is a solution. You can move them to a child account and control all their transactions.

Variant 1. If your child`s account is not a member of Family Sharing yet:

  1. Open Settings and click Apple ID.
  2. Click Set up Family Sharing.
  3. Choose Get started and then click
  4. Share purchases and then click
  5. Confirm your Payment Method and click
  6. Choose Share your Location and click
  7. Choose Add Family Member.
  8. Enter a Name you want to add to your Family Sharing.
  9. Enter the security code to prove that you are an organizer.

Variant 2. If your child`s account is already a member of Family Sharing:

Family Sharing Apple ID

  1. Open!&page=signin in any browser and log into your kid`s Apple ID.
  2. Choose Account and tap Edit.
  3. Change the day of birth and tap Done.

Now you approve or decline the things your kid wants to buy on the App Store.

Note! Once you change your kid`s birthday to under 13 years old, you will not be able to change it back.

In this article we gave you an instruction guide how to create a Family Sharing Apple ID for your kids. Once you complete the instruction and put “allow to buy” button into the action, you don`t need to worry that your child may buy something without your permission.

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