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How to install parental control on a kid`s phone?

How to install parental control on a kid`s phone?

Being a parent of a teen is a difficult and strenuous task. Especially when it comes to dealing with mood swings, aggression, depression and violence. Without doubts, as a parent you came across the situations when your teen blew your mind with their actions. Maybe, you even had no idea how to cope with your child?


In most cases, the desire to monitor your kid`s online activities create a massive wall of misunderstanding between a parent and a child. Unfortunately, kids don’t understand that you do it for the safety purposes. That`s why many parents prefer to monitor kid`s phone remotely, without taking their phone away. This can be easily done if you set up parental control like Kidgy. Let`s come to the installation steps to track your kid`s phone.

How to install Kidgy parental control on a kid`s phone?


How to install Kidgy
Welcome to Kidgy family


  • Enable the Internet connection and install Kidgy app on both devices;
  • Set up the account on your and kid`s device;


Create An Account
Link child device


  • Link the kid`s device to your account by entering the same code on your kid`s device;


Create An Account
Enter link code
Select the linking device


  • Provide permissions for the app to monitor your kid`s device;


Usage access
Permissions Request


  • Start monitoring your kid`s phone and giving the tasks remotely from your phone.


Child 1
Add Task


What benefits Kidgy has?

Kidgy, your low-cost cyber nanny gives you a possibility to read your kid`s text messages, view the call logs, current location, installed apps and Internet activities. It is available both for Android and iPhone and can work on the cross-platform (for instance, your child has Android phone and you have iPhone).

What features Kidgy has?

Depending on the platform, Kidgy has a great number of available features to monitor your kid`s phone.

Features available for Android devices:

  • Messages

You will get an access to your kids` text messages and will be able to read even the deleted ones. Both time and date stamps will be available as well.

  • GPS Location

You will be able to track your kid`s current location and time stamps.

  • Applications

You can moderate your kid`s apps usage, block unwanted apps that promote harmful behavior. Besides, you can restrict the apps usage for school or bed hours.

  •  Calls

You can track your kid`s contact list and all call logs. Block those contacts that you don’t want your child to reach to prevent unwanted communication.

  • Daily Schedule Planner

You are able to educate your kids by giving the tasks, following their progress and giving your assistance when it is needed.

  • Internet Filter

You are able to set restrictions on your kid`s online activity by blocking adult or hazardous sites and monitoring overall Internet usage.

  •  Geofencing

You can mark safe (home, school) and dangerous areas on a virtual map and follow your kid`s position on it. Every time your kid breaches these zones you will be informed.

  • Panic Button

You kid can inform you any time they are in danger or need your help.

Features available for iPhone

  • Locations;
  • Applications (if your child has Android device);
  • Messages (if your child has Android device);
  • Calls (if your child has Android device);
  • Daily Schedule Planner;
  • Internet Filter;
  • GPS location;
  • Geofencing;
  • Punic button;

If both of you have iOS devices, you will have an access to such features:

  • GPS location;
  • Contact details;
  • Daily Schedule Planner;
  • Panic Button;
  • Geofencing;

Kidgy is the best low-cost parental control app presented to parents on the market. It helps to keep your kid`s Internet activity, messages, calls, locations and other activities in your own hands and track them any time remotely.





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