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How to moderate kid`s online usage?

How to moderate kid`s online usage?

The biggest challenge parents face nowadays is how to keep kids safe online. With so many different gadgets like smartphones, tablets, computers, it becomes difficult to be sure whom they are meeting online or what the content they are coming across on the Net.

Needless to say, the Internet is an amazing tool for kids to prepare their school reports or stay in touch with their friends. However, with all these benefits there is a great range of different websites that should be blocked for kids.

The list of websites to block for kids

Nowadays, there are a lot of things to do for keeping kids safe online. One of them is to ensure that a kid is not coming across an inappropriate content on the Net. On the Internet any kind of content is available for everybody, even if they are not searching for it. But believe us, some of them do. Here is the list of websites to block for kids:

  1., PornHub, Kink and other adult sites

Regardless of the fact that some sites have age verification, kids can simply lie that they are 18+ and watch lewd pictures and videos. There is no need to explain why such sites should be blocked for your child. 

  1. MeetMe,, Badoo and other dating sites

There is no news that a lot of kids use dating websites. Some kids use such sites for fun, but some of them seriously look for the relationships. Don`t forget that dating sites are teemed with online predators and sex offenders. How would you feel if your child was talking to a weird aging pervert? For the safety purpose such sites should be added to the block list.

  1. Chatroulette, Omegle and similar sites

Such services are very dangerous for kids as sexually inappropriate behavior is prevailing there. Such sites are filled with bands of masturbating pedophiles or perverts, showing their genitals and only waiting to lure a child into their trap. Unfortunately, most kids don`t understand the dangers and risks such sites have. Even if a child uses these sites with good intentions, saying to find new friends, there is a lot of inappropriate content.

  1.  World of Tanks, Online Poker and other addictive games

Video games are pretty addictive and kids can easily fall for them. What`s more, some games are free at the beginning and then require payment to continue. Without doubts, such websites should be blocked to protect your kids from addiction and save your money.

  1. Ask. fm and others anonymous social media sites

Due to the anonymous option of this site, it is completely impossible to control it. The site has gained reputation of a cyberbullying platform and is linked to several teens` suicides. Apart from cyberbullying, it is frequently used for abusive communication, threats and sharing lewd content.

How to limit website access?

The Internet is a scary place for children. It is filled with great variety of harmful sites which may affect your kid`s mental condition. Many parents wonder how to limit children’s access to specific websites. In this case Kidgy parental control can help.

Kidgy is a low-cost cyber-nanny that helps you protect your child from viewing unwanted sites on their devices. It is available both for iPhone and Android devices. With Kidgy you can easily manage an access to the adult or social media sites and make the Internet safer for your child. Besides, you can restrict the Internet usage for sleeping or school time.

How can Kidgy help?

Every parent wants their kids to be safe while they are surfing the Net. Using Kidgy you can:

  • Be sure that your child is not visiting adult or inappropriate sites;
  • Restrict personal information leak (home or school address, phone number or payment options);
  • Protect your child from online predators and other perverts;
  • Increase your kid`s productivity by blocking the Internet for sleep or school hours;
  • Educate your child, giving the tasks remotely and following their progress.

Moderating the Internet usage of your teen is as important as managing their eating habits. Everything they face on the Internet may have negative effect on their well-being and mental development. Make sure your child don`t have an access to the sites we have mentioned above otherwise you need to block them immediately with Kidgy.


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