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How to Setup PS4 Parental Controls

Due to the rapid technological development, gaming consoles have also significantly changed over the last several years. PlayStation 4, the 8th gaming console generation produced by Sony, is not an exception. Apart from a significant number of existing games, users also can play music and watch videos on it. Without doubts, with all these features, kids become highly addicted to PS4, which has a direct impact on their school performance and socialization. Additionally, they may come across age-inappropriate or adult content, which can affect their mental health and well-being.

Luckily, the manufacturer has developed safety guidelines for keeping kids safe. With the help of PS4 parental controls, parents can easily set time limits and control their kid`s playtime. Here is a guide on how to do it.

How to Get Started with PS4 Parental Controls

Firstly, to start with PS4 Parental Controls, you need to log into your profile. Secondly, you need to set the passwords to protect your account. There are two of them – Master Account Password and Parental Controls Password.

  • Master Account Password: It is a password to log into your account; you can change it by following the steps below:
  1. Go to “Settings” and then choose “Login Settings”;
  2. Choose “Passcode Management” to enter a password for your account.
  • Parental Controls Password: It is a password you need to enter to change any Parental Control Settings. For it, follow such steps:
  1. Go to “Settings” and choose “Parental Controls”;
  2. Open “Restrict Use of PS4 Features” and then “Change Password.”

Create a Sub Account for Your Kid

The next step is to create a Sub-Account. Sub-accounts are essential for PS4 parental controls as they provide access to the settings of your kid`s account to keep them safer. Sub-account allows your kid to have their own account, while you can control what they play or watch.

Here is how to create it:

  1. Log in to your account;
  2. Select “Settings” and then “Parental Controls”;
  3. Choose “Sub-Account Management”;
  4. Verify your account with your PS4 credentials;
  5. Choose “Create New Sub-Account”;

If your kid already has an account, you can choose the existing one. If your kid doesn`t have an account, choose “Register User.” Follow the steps below:

  1. Enter a date of birth and choose a language;
  2. Enter a valid e-mail address and set a password for sub-account;
  3. Select the location (it should match the one you`ve selected in your account);

Set Access Restrictions

Here you can choose which functions you would like to block or allow. You can choose whether you want your kid to use online chat, or download user-generated content. Also, you can choose a monthly spending limit your kid is allowed to spend. To use the restrictions, you need to know the 4-digit password. By default, it is “0000”, so make sure you use the one your kid doesn`t know.

Additionally, using a kid`s sub-account setup, parents can set restrictions on movies and games their kids are allowed to use. For instance, you can block access to the Internet browser. But if you are conformable with default settings they may be left unchanged.

What is PS4 Parental Controls Time Limit

Being able to control what kids are playing is one thing, but being able to limit their gaming time to ensure their homework and home chores are done is another.

A recent PlayStation 4 update gives an opportunity to set a time limit on their kid`s gaming. Parents can choose time slots for days of the week as well as their kid`s playtime duration. It means that they can play continuously only during a specific time block. And when the time is over, they will get a message notifying that the time is over or will be automatically logged out.

Play Time Controls option is available at the end of the new family member account setup or in the Parental Controls page. Here is how to set up time limits.

  1. Open Play Time settings and click “Edit”;
  2. Change “Do Not Restrict” to “Restrict”;
  3. Choose how to inform kids that their playtime is over (with a message or logging out of PS4);
  4. Open the box next to “Every Day”;
  5. Enter playtime duration and hours when kids are allowed to play;
  6. Open the box next to “By Days of the Week”;
  7. Set specific limits for every day of the week. Using this option, kids can play more on the weekends than during the school week.
  8. Go to the Family Management Page to view your kid`s PS4 activity and change settings;

Regardless of the setting you choose, don`t forget to spend time and have a conversation with your kid about their safe console usage. Express an interest in your kid`s preferences, and they will share more with you.

Following our step-by-step guide and adjusting the settings mentioned above, you will make PS4 safer for your kid. But you need to understand that PS4 parental controls is only the first line of defense and don`t guarantee overall safety. If you want to protect your tween or teen from ever-evolving risks of using gaming consoles, surfing the Net and using Social Media platforms, Kidgy is a must-have tool for you.

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