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How to Track GPS Location of Your Kid`s iPhone?

These days, people are glued to their devices, filling them with more and more private information. The reason for this is the appearance of new applications and possibilities, which becomes an essential part of our daily life.

The possibility to lose the smartphone (especially iPhone) is one of the worst nightmares for many people. But fortunately, there are several available options that may help to find your lost or stolen iPhone. Reading this article, you will get an answer to the most answered question “How to find my iPhone location history.”

How to Find iPhone Tracking History Directly

The simplest and the fastest way to find iPhone location history is to use Apple in-built feature. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to find iPhone location history directly. Follow the steps below.

Step 1. Open Settings and scroll down to Privacy;

Step 2. Tap on Location Services once the privacy window appears;

Step 3. Check the list of installed apps and their permissions;

Step 4. Swipe down to the bottom and select System Services;

Step 5. Check the list of system services that use locations;

Step 6. Scroll down and tap Significant Locations;

Step 7. View the location history;

Step 8. To check the location history details, tap on a specific location to know the timestamps and view the geo map with visited places;

How to Find iPhone Location History with iCloud

If your Apple device is lost or stolen, you can easily track it with

The steps below might help you to find it and protect your sensitive data.

  1. Open in any web browser;
  2. Log in to your iCloud account;
  3. Tap Find My iPhone in the main menu;
  4. Select All Devices at the top;
  5. Choose the name of the device you wish to track;
  6. Zoom in and out on the map to view the device location more closely.

Additionally, you can use one of the options mentioned below:

  • Play Sound: This option allows playing an audible tone, even if your device is in silent or vibrate mode.
  • Lost Mode: This option requires entering the phone number which will be displayed on the screen of your lost device, so if a person finds your device, they will be able to contact you. Besides, an audible tone will be played to draw attention to your lost iPhone.
  • Erase Data: If there is no chance that your lost iPhone can be found, you can protect your information deleting everything on your device.

How to Find iPhone Location History with Find My iPhone App

Not only you can track your lost or stolen Apple device on the web, but also you can use Find My iPhone app to locate your device. Follow the steps below to track any Apple device linked to your iCloud account:

  1. Launch Find My iPhone App from any iOS device (you can use the device of your friend or family member);


2. Log in to with your iCloud credentials;

3. Tap on the name of the device you wish to track

Like the web-version, Find My iPhone app has the same options: to Play Sound, Enable the Lost Mode and Erase all the data.

How to Find iPhone tracking history in Google Maps

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to find iPhone tracking history with Google Maps.

Step 1.Open Google Maps in a web browser or from any other iPhone. Then enter your credentials (email and password). Once you logged in, follow

Step 2.On the left, the location history will be displayed. Tap on it and enter timestamps to figure out where your device is at this very moment.

Step 3. Zoom needed a location in and out to view the timestamp details. Also, it is possible to erase the entire history from the Google database.

Step 4. If you use iPhone, open Google Maps and swipe right from the left corner and then “Your timeline”. After, you will be able to view your iPhone tracking history.

PART 3. How to Find iPhone Tracking History with Kidgy

If you are a parent of a teen and knowing their iPhone location is not enough or you, here is a solution – Kidgy. It is a low-cost cyber nanny that helps to monitor your kid when you are not around. It works as an extra layer of security, protecting kids from cyberbullying, unwanted content or unwanted conversations.

So, using Kidgy you can:

  • supervise your kid`s real-time location remotely;
  • get updates about your kid`s locations and route history;
  • set virtual barriers and get notifications when your kid enters/leaves them;
  • provide them with an opportunity to inform you in case of emergency or threat.

Apart from iPhone tracking history has a lot of other benefits, especially:

  • monitoring of text messages;
  • access to call logs and contacts;
  • ability to block the Internet for school or sleep hours;
  • possibility to block adult sites;
  • chance to educate kids remotely and follow their progress;
  • blocking unwanted apps;

In this article, we gave you several options that make my iPhone tracking possible. Choose the one which is good for you.



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