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Is Tumblr safe? Everything parents need to know about it

For parents, it can be hard to follow social media trends and sites used by juveniles these days. One of the popular sites for content sharing is Tumblr. In this article, we will tell parents everything they need to know about Tumblr, fast-growing site for media sharing. At first sight, it looks like a harmless tool, but when you scratch beneath the surface, you will find a lot of hidden pitfalls, every parent should be aware of.

What is Tumblr? Parent and Teacher Guide

Tumblr is a fast-growing social media platform which is becoming more and more popular among teens. Tumblr is considered as a platform for micro-blogging. It is similar to a standard blog, where users can share media content, including text, photos, videos, gifs, audio, and links. Tumblr is called “micro” as all posts shared there are much shorter than in a regular blog.

Tumblr users cannot just operate their own blog, but view posts of the other users and “reblog” them if they like.

Teen Tumblr statistics

  • Just 5 % of boys use Tumblr, comparing to 23 % of girls, according to the Pew Research Center.
  • Tumblr is 1 of top 10 most popular social media platforms;
  • In 6 months Tumblr has increased the number of active users by 120%, according to Tech Times.

Is Tumblr safe to use?

Teens may use Tumblr as a search engine to simply find the media content based on their hobbies and interests, as well as the latest trends in the digital world. Besides, Tumblr gives them a possibility to share their points of view online, providing them with a creative outlet for it.  But apart from all benefits, Tumblr has a lot of dangers for minors. There are two main dangers:

  1.    Lack of privacy settings

Primarily, all Tumblr profiles are public and there are no settings to mark a profile or a blog as private. To create a private blog, which is password protected, users need to create a secondary blog. But even if a kid sets a secondary private blog, the original account will always be visible to all users.

  1.    18+ content

The second danger is that Tumblr has adult content. This social media platform allows users to share sexually explicit content in their blog posts, so it is absolutely possible that lewd content can slip into your juvenile`s feed.

What should parents know about Tumblr?

Tumblr is a social media platform that allows users to conduct their own blog and share media content online. These days, Tumblr is becoming extremely popular among teens and tweens, raising concerns among parents. That`s why the question “Is Tumblr bad for kids?” is frequently asked by parents online.  Here are six critical things every parent should know why Tumblr kids is a bad idea.

  1. Tumblr blogs are public, and there is no way to change it in their settings.
  2. Blocking feature has limitations. If your kid is harassed, bullied or some people are rude to them, they can only block undesirable users from reaching them, not from seeing their blog. That’s a key point and should not be neglected.
  3. No age limits. There is no age verification. To create an account a kid only need an email. So, a child can create Tumblr account even without your knowledge. While you may not have heard about Tumblr, your teen may already use it.
  4. No content restrictions. Tumblr administrators are not checking the content or what is going on there unless somebody reports that it is not appropriate. Primarily, bloggers are responsible for what they post on Tumblr.
  5.  Collaborative blogging. On Tumblr, it is possible for blogs to be co-authored by two, three or dozens of kids. In case your juvenile co-blogs with other teens, you should be entirely sure that they know what can be posted and what is prohibited.
  6. Easy impulse posting. Kids are encouraged to share everything that happens with them during a day. Make sure that understand what posts should not be shared online.

The bottom line

Now you understand why Tumblr is bad for kids. Regardless of the fact, that Tumblr makes it absolutely easy to create their own blog within 10 minutes, without spending time learning HTML and web design, at the same time it poses a number of risks for youth too. That’s why parents need to keep an eye wide open on their kid`s Tumblr, as well as the other online activities. If your kid spends a lot of time with a phone at school or stays up late chatting with somebody, you can restrict Internet usage for sleeping or school hours so nothing can distract them. In case you think that your kid is not ready for Tumblr you can always block it with Kidgy low-cost cyber nanny. Besides, if you know what your kid has Tumblr blog, check it regularly to see what they post there and if your kid isn’t posting things they shouldn’t.


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