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Kids smartphone addiction: What parents should know

Kids smartphone addiction

How often do you check your phone? What about your child?

According to the BBC news report children age 5 -16 spend more than 6 hours every day on their phones. In the last 20 years, the amount of kids glued to a phone screen has risen drastically.

Teen cell phone addiction: Statistics

  • 62 percent of tweens use their smartphones after a bedtime;
  • 77 percent of kids exchange messages while in bed;
  • 21 percent of kids wake up due to the messages notifications;
  • 66 percent of kids agree that smartphone usage has bad influence on their sleep;
  • 71 percent of kids sleep next to their smartphones;

With the development of modern technologies, more and more teens are becoming addicted to their smartphones. People often think of alcohol and drugs when they hear the word addiction. Nevertheless, technology like smartphone causes addiction, especially among children.

For many parents it is an open question how to deal with teen phone addiction. But first of all, it is important to understand why kids spend this much time on their phones instead of face-to-face conversation.  It is a common case for teens to use technologies to escape from everyday problems.

Let’s quickly overview cell phone addiction symptoms:

  • Your child becomes anxious when the battery is low;
  • Your child spends more time texting online that talking to real people;
  • Your child becomes nervous when the phone is misplaced;
  • Your child becomes furious when the service is not available;
  • Your teen sleeps with a phone under or near the pillow;
  • Your child constantly checks his phone when it is not ringing or vibrating;
  • Your child is chatting, commenting photos during the meal;
  • Your child constantly uses a phone during family celebrations or holiday time;

Every parent needs to be aware of warning signs of teen phone addiction. Being aware of these wake-up calls, parents can get rid of initial problem before it becomes a serious addiction.

Negative impact on kid`s health:

  • Blurred vision and eye strain due to the constant focusing on a small phone screen
  • Chronic neck strain due to constant looking down on the phone (also known as text neck)
  • Dietary disorder due to the constant chatting and having lack of time for eating

How to deal with a teenager addicted to cell phone?

Teen cell phone addiction is a serious problem, because many teens can’t find the ideal balance between being online and offline. If you suspect that your child may have a mobile addiction, have a conversation about it. Without doubts, it is not easy to get rid of cell phone addiction. But some limitations plus positive parental help may work. Here some rules to help a teenager addicted to cell phone.

Rule № 1: Make restrictions for your child phone usage

  • Set periods of time when they are allowed to use their phones;
  • Designate activities in which a phone is prohibited (dining time, school time, bed time, home-assignment);
  • Schedule breaks when they are allowed to check their phones or social media apps.

Rule № 2: Don`t be a strict policeman, be a friend

Making restrictions you need to remember that your child is not a prisoner. It is important to have friendly and warm relations with your child. Try to understand why your kid is so absorbed in cyber world. Explain all the dangers it may have (cyberbullying, texting, online predators).

Rule № 3: More time for face-to-face communication 

The Internet reality seems easy and trouble-free. Sometimes it is a reason why teens escape from the real life problems to the Net carefreeness. It is important to be sure that a phone doesn’t replace face-to-face communication for your child. If your child is not interested in communication with real people, then it is high time for boundaries.

Rule № 4: Propose healthy alternatives and engaging activities

When a children are involved in outdoor activities, they don’t have time for their phone. It may help to get rid of the mobile addiction.

 Rule № 5: Download a parental control app to cut down on your kid`s phone usage

Choosing a parental control app like Kidgy you will always know what your kids are doing online. With the help of Kidgy you will be able:

  • Follow your kid`s GPS location;
  • Monitor the Internet activity;
  • Control browsing history;
  • Read text messages;
  • Reduce an access to unwanted apps and sites;
  • Set tasks remotely with daily schedule feature;

With the help of Kidgy parental app you can be sure that your child is safe and nothing bad (like sexting, cyberbullying, communication with online predators) can occur to them.

A teenager addicted to cell phone is a serious problem. Parents need to teach their child how to become happier and healthier without a phone.








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