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Professional Security Systems VS Kidgy

Have you ever dreamed of a safe home? With the development of modern technologies, it became possible. In this article, we will teach you how to protect your property with Professional Security Systems and explain why you need to consider it for your home.

Without doubts, installing home security system can be costly, but your family safety is priceless. Using an Alarm. com you can protect your house from burglars and emergency situations (fire, leakage, etc.)

What is an

It is a technology-based company that provides solutions for remote control. Their services include home automation, interactive security, remote video monitoring and energy management. helps to detect potential danger and takes action immediately, providing your family with proactive safeguards.

How an works?

Whether there is a break-in or fire, the security system sends an emergency alert using a dedicated cellular connection. On 24/7 monitoring station, the security experts assess the situation and react immediately, informing your law enforcement or fire department of the emergency.

Why professional monitoring is important?

If there is any suspicious activity at your home (break-in, fire, leakage), you will be immediately notified with a quick smartphone message. Plenty of connected cameras with motion-detecting smart devices always will help to identify if there is something out of the ordinary at your home.

Five Reasons to choose Professional Security System

Here is the list of five crucial reasons why you need to choose Professional Security Systems powered by Alarm. com to make your home smarter.

  1. Better lifeline

The Security Systems are made to keep home safer in the case of emergency. Unlike the traditional security systems that work on a cable connection, the security systems use a cellular connection. So they are more reliable as can`t be destroyed by a falling tree or wire cutters.

  1. Simple in use

Usually, traditional security systems are controlled via a panel on the wall. But Alarm. com systems can be easily managed with smartphones, smartwatch or any other device. Besides, you can control it using your voice or interact with it from any place which is very easy and convenient. For example, you are able to answer your front door while you are at work or out of the city simply checking in via video. Alarm. com systems open up more opportunities making life simpler.

  1. Protection against emergencies

The gives emergency 24/7 monitoring. If the Professional Security system detects smoke, it sounds an alarm, turns the light off and shuts off the HVAC. If there is a break-in, it sends an alert to the professional monitoring station, and the police squad is sent to your home.

  1. Smart house

An security system covers everything you need to have to get a smart house. Your dealer can add a smart doorbell, locks, garage doors, video cameras and even more. All the devices controlled by app becomes smarter by having more sensors interacting with each other throughout your home.

  1. Simple way to get it

One of the main benefits of security monitoring is that you don`t need to install by yourself. An authorized distributor ensures that your security monitoring system and other smart devices are installed correctly. The monthly fee covers everything, including equipment, professional monitoring and customer support and the latest features.

How to protect kids at home?

While the home security can be easily obtained with Professional Security Systems, the security of your kids poses a bigger challenge for modern parenting.

Firstly, for parents, it is essential to have a clue that their kids are safe wherever they are and ensure they are not visiting distant or dangerous areas of the city.

Secondly, it is crucial to make sure that kids are not involved in the interaction with online predators, sexters, cyberbullies, scammers or other strangers that may harm your kid. Thirdly, it is important to supervise kids` online activities and moderate their Internet usage. For all these reasons Kidgy low-cost cyber nanny may come in handy.

Kidgy is easy-to-use parental control app that serves as a digital assistant to busy parents. It helps parents remotely check their kid`s online activities, GPS location, texts, calls, manage and block apps, set safe and dangerous areas and more.

Kidgy features

Kidgy low-cost cyber nanny provides a list of great features for sophisticated monitoring.

  • GPS Location: View your kid`s real-time location and time stamps. Be aware when they visit grandma`s house or go out with friends.
  • Geo-fencing: Choose safe and dangerous areas on the virtual map and follow kid`s location around them. View timestamps to know when your kid breaches these zones.
  • Messages: Read sent, received and deleted text messages and prevent unhealthy communication.
  • Calls: Get to know with whom your kid communicates through the phone. View their contact list and block unwanted contacts from reaching your child.
  • Panic button: Provide your kid with the opportunity to inform you every time they are in danger. Get a notification with their current whereabouts and timestamps.
  • Applications: Monitor your kid`s apps usage and block those you disapprove.
  • Internet filter: Supervise your kid`s Internet usage, view the URLs they visit and block undesired ones.
  • Daily Schedule Planner: Set tasks remotely and follow your kid`s progress. Develop good habits and discipline.

Why parents need Kidgy?

Kidgy low-cost parental control app has a range of benefits for modern parents.

Firstly, it helps to monitor kid`s online activities, calls, conversations and always know where a kid is at this very moment or follow all their movements over the digital map.

Secondly, it helps to manage kid`s Internet activities, limit sites promoting adult content, violence or racism, view their call logs and read their texts.

Thirdly, it helps to protect kids from interaction with online predators, cyberbullies, sexters, scammers, and other online strangers. Also, parents can put filters on Internet surfing and restrict the usage for school or sleep hours.

Fourthly, it helps to educate your kids, simply setting tasks remotely and following their progress. You can teach them how to use time wisely and develop new useful habits.

In the era of modern technologies, it is important not just to care for house security, but ensure that your kids are safe and sound even when you are not around. For this reason, Kidgy low-cost cyber nanny may help. There is no need anymore to look over your kid`s shoulder when they are surfing the Net. Using Kidgy, you can supervise their phone activities remotely and easily get a peace of mind.





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