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What is Kidgy parental control app and why you need it?

if you are reading this blog it means that you are concerned about your kid’s internet safety. So are we. Kidgy parental control app is here to make your life easier. It was developed to help parents better understand and manage their children online activity and screen time remotely.
As a parent, you need to know that:

  • 71% of teens hide their online activity from parents
  • 18% of teens agree to meet their online friends in person
  • 93% of teens give their real names on Facebook
  • 21% of teens share their cell phone number on Facebook
  • 71% admit facing bullying online

The Internet is a second home to most teenagers. And though it is undoubtfully a great place for children to learn and communicate, it does have its dark side. Read more “What is Kidgy parental control app and why you need it?”

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