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The Jacksonville shooting: how to keep kids safe at school

This Valentines Day, the world was scared and shocked by the sinister and cowardly act of the deadliest school massacres, carried out at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Florida. A total of 17 people were killed, and 17 more were wounded by the Nikolas Cruz, 19-year-old expelled former student. Twelve of his victims were found inside the school, two were shot outside, two others died in the hospital, and one person was killed outside the school campus.  

He was identified by the witnesses and arrested afterward. Neither police nor prosecutors yet figured out his motive to commit such horrible massacres. But in 2016 and 2017, the police received the number of tips with Cruz`s threats to accomplish a school shooting.

According to the Gun Safety in 2018, over two dozen school shootings have already occurred in the USA:

  • On January 22, one student was injured during the lunch break by the shot from a truck near the NET Charter High School in New Orleans, Louisiana.
  • On January 22, a 15-year-old boy was fired by his 16-year-old classmate.
  • On January 23, a 15-year-old boy fired at 16 people in the Marshall County High School lobby in Benton, Kentucky.
  • On February 1, two girls were injured and shot in a classroom at Sal Castro Middle School, Los Angeles, California.
  •  On March 7, a 17-year-old girl was shot to death, and one boy was injured at Huffman High School, Birmingham, Alabama.
  • On March 20, a teenager shot two his classmates in Maryland.

How to protect your kid from outdoor dangers?

The Jacksonville shooting proves once again that this world is very scary and violent. So, it is essential to know that your child is safe when you are not around. Thanks to modern technologies and Kidgy, parents can keep an eye not only on their youngsters` online activities, whereabouts but also receive notifications when their kids are in danger.

What Kidgy Panic Button is?

A Panic Button is a unique SOS notification with a precise real-time location of a child, sent to a parent in the emergency case. It was designed as a helpful addition to the GPS location tracker. It allows a kid to inform parents when something hazards them. With Kidgy Panic Button feature parents can react immediately when danger occurs and contact their teens once they are in trouble and need help.

What benefits you will have?

  1. Alarm alerts

Once a kid taps the Panic Button, parents will always receive the alarm notifications on their device (iPhone or Android), informing that their child is in danger.

  1. Location details

Once the notification is received, parents can also see the precise details. Both time and current location will be visible to intervene promptly.

  1. Instant actions

When parents receive all necessary information, they can react immediately to help a kid right away.

How can it help?

How can Panic Button help to protect your teen? First of all, it informs you when your kid got into an unpredictable situation. Secondly, it is a perfect tool in your child`s hands to let you know that they need your help or instant intervention. Kidnappers, bullies, and other evildoers are not the reason to worry if you know what your kid is up to.

  1. Prevent kidnapping

React instantly in case your kid came across dangerous people or became a victim of bullies. With Punic Button, your kid can inform you when they need tour help or something hazards them.

  1. Get rid of needless anxiety

Be informed if something went wrong and your child is not there where they are supposed to be. Tracking your kid`s GPS location can prevent kidnapping since Kidgy allows parents to be aware of every single movement of your kid.

  1. Build honest relationships

Kids` safety is the top priority for every parent. So, it is very important to have honest relationships, so your kids can trust you completely and inform you of all their whereabouts with Kidgy.

  1.  Care about unplanned situations

Sometimes it happens that teachers or other caretakers are not capable to inform parents about unplanned situations at school. With Kidgy Panic Button you can let your kid you know when they are in danger of need your help.

After the Jacksonville shooting, parents push for school security upgrades. But there is something that you can do as a parent. Having a Kidgy low-cost cyber nanny, you will always be aware that your kid is in danger and need your help.






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