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Top 12 Best Parental Control Routers to Buy in 2018

The Internet can be a scary place with a large number of harmful websites, unfiltered content, malicious software, cyberbullying, online predators and other dangers. So, when it comes to Internet usage, parents need to be especially concerned about keeping their offsprings safe and well-protected from the inappropriate content. It is where parental control routers come in handy. Parental controls not only help to safeguard their kids but also prevent any inappropriate content from flowing through your home network.

Using built-in router features, parents can filter out undesired content and ensure their kids will not access it. Here are some the most popular parental control routers available on the market these days.

№ 1. Linksys AC1750

Since all parental control routers are pricey, the Linksys AC1750 is one of the best budget options available on the market these days. The Linksys AC1750 is a dual-band wireless router that is capable to speed up to 1.7 Gbps. It has built-in MU-MIMO feature that allows multiple devices to be connected with WI-FI router at the same time. Moreover, Linksys wi-fi router decreases the waiting time and speeds up your network. The Linksys AC1750 has a Wi-Fi app that gives access to a variety of features, especially:

– setting passwords;

– prioritizing traffic to specific devices;

– creating guest Wi-Fi networks, etc.;

– choosing what content is allowed/prohibited

– blocking inappropriate URLs.

№ 2. Asus AC3100P

The Asus AC3100P is a dual-band router that is capable to speed up to 2.1 Gbps. It has four antennas and supposed to cover 5,000 square with the unit, which makes it one of the fastest parental control routers on the market these days. The Asus AC3100P has a significant number of benefits:

  • AiProtection feature helps to filter out all inappropriate content and block adult sites;
  • Built-in MU-MIMO feature accelerates your network and also helps to take advantage of the fastest connection;
  • Asus Router App helps to keep tabs on every activity taking place on your network.

№ 3. Disney Circle

Disney Circle is a small white cube which plugs into the router for moderating Internet access and monitoring all the connected devices in your home. Once it is connected, you need to download the Disney Circle app to your Android device or iPhone. With it parents can control everything taking place on their network, both filtering out the content and checking who is plugged in right now.

Disney Circle has a variety of pre-set filters for content moderation based on kid`s age. For instance, Pre-K settings for small kids, Teen settings for adolescents and Adult option for adults. If pre-determined filters don`t comply with your wants and needs, you can create custom filters as well. Also, if your kid is always plugged in, you can limit Internet access for specific timespan and specific device. Disney Circle is a perfect option for parents who want to add parental controls to the existing network without buying a new router.

№ 4. Xfinity Parental Controls

Combining the Internet and TV altogether with personalized recommendations, apps and high-speed Wi-Fi connection, Xfinity Parental Controls have become the simplest and the fastest way to prevent a kid from being exposed to the age-inappropriate and violent content. Xfinity Parental Controls have a significant number of benefits such as:

  • Voice Remote, which allows parents to control all the available TV aspects;
  • TV apps, which allows keeping tabs on such apps as Netflix, YouTube, and Pandora that has been used through your TV.
  • Pause and bedtime features, help parents to limit Wi-Fi access over their home network immediately or during scheduled timespans.
  • Availability, it is available for Xfinity TV and Xfinity Internet customers with Digital Starter TV and Performance Internet service or above.

№ 5. Torch Router

The torch is a tiny wood Wi-Fi router that provides full-stack Internet Filtering. It means that you don`t need to install any additional software or have a secondary device.  Torch router has the same kid-monitoring features as the most routers have, especially: pause, URLs blocking, activity monitoring, custom bedtimes, etc. Also, Torch router is supposed to accelerate the Internet speed and provide 4,000sqft of coverage. But like the most parental control routers, Torch is not free. Its subscription fee is $25 a month.

№ 6. Clean Router

Clean Router is wireless parental control, that plugs directly into your modem. Once it is configured, it covers all devices connected to your home network, including game consoles if you add them.

Clean Router has IntelliFilter TM intelligent filtering system, which has multiple categories to filter the websites. For instance, gambling, weapons, guns, pornography, etc. also, it filters the YouTube according to the chosen categories. The price varies from $13 to $20 per month depending on the subscription plan you choose.

№ 7. Luma

Luma is a router with built-in parental controls. Luma lets you set daily time, add bedtime or pause the Internet at night. You can apply the restrictions for all devices, or only for individual users. Luma is equipped with a significant number of features to identify and block malicious software, but its content filtering leaves something to be desired. There are neither categories to choose what websites are allowed, nor options to blacklist/whitelist specific websites.

№ 8. UnGlue

UnGlue is a relatively new tool which is more aimed at kids` responsible time management than restricting Internet access. It is a simpler solution for families to set limits on screen time across devices, whether a kid is inside or outside. It works on different devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, TV and other devices. Besides, it operates whether the device is connected to the home network or not. While unGlue is aimed at giving kids more control, like other tools it also blocks adult content, pauses the Internet and provides activity reports, schedule and award shores.

№ 9.  Screen

The screen is an app-based Internet blocker, which needs to be installed onto your kid`s device. The app comes with a small box which connects to TV, streaming devices and gaming consoles via the HDMI port, ensuring that all devices connected to the home network can be supervised. Screen makes it possible to moderate device usage, set time and bed limits and even to shut down the PlayStation remotely (for instance, you are working late and want to ensure that your kid is not spending all night playing). Screen is a one-time purchase, and there are no additional subscription fees.

№ 10.Koala Safe

KoalaSafe is a tiny tool that plugs directly into your Wi-Fi router. What makes this tool different, is that it creates the absolutely new kid-friendly network in your house. So, parents can block adult and violent sites, set time limits, get usage reports, etc. KoalaSafe is a one-time purchase, and there are no additional subscription fees.

№ 11. Ryfi

Ryfi is a tool aimed at setting new shores and teaching children to value their struggles and efforts. Ryfi has a built-in reward system, which allows parents to praise their kids if their work is perfectly done. Once the chore is finished, kids can purchase more Internet time or items from the Ryfi store. To start with Ryfi, parents just need to plug it into the router and a power source and modify the device settings.

№12. Kidgy

Kidgy is not a Wi-Fi router, but a powerful parental control app, designed for keeping kids safe and protected while they use their devices. Once it is installed onto your kid`s device, it also gives you a chance to filter the Internet, block dangerous sites and limit access to the Internet for specific timespan (for instance, sleep and school hours). Additionally, parents can monitor their text, calls, GPS location, browsing history and set tasks remotely and check their progress around them.


In this article, we mentioned the top 12 parental control routers and apps that exist on the market these days. Most of them are quite similar and has the same goal – to protect kids in the bloody waters of the Internet. Choose the one which complies with your family wants and needs.


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