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What is Kidgy parental control app and why you need it?

if you are reading this blog it means that you are concerned about your kid’s internet safety. So are we. Kidgy parental control app is here to make your life easier. It was developed to help parents better understand and manage their children online activity and screen time remotely.
As a parent, you need to know that:

  • 71% of teens hide their online activity from parents
  • 18% of teens agree to meet their online friends in person
  • 93% of teens give their real names on Facebook
  • 21% of teens share their cell phone number on Facebook
  • 71% admit facing bullying online

The Internet is a second home to most teenagers. And though it is undoubtfully a great place for children to learn and communicate, it does have its dark side.
The web made kids more exposed to cyberdangers like cyberbullying, contacts with online predators, personal information leak, pranks, sexting, violent games and of course adult sites.
Kidgy parental control app was created to make modern parenhood easier. We thoughtfully developed features that will allow every parent always know what their kid is doing online. Let’s overview Kidgy features one by one.

Control Internet Activity

Kidgy parental control software has a special Internet filter feature, which makes online environment safe for your kid. You can block 18+ websites, unallowable platfroms, and those you don’t approve. You have all the odds to make the Internet a secure and healthy place for education, development, and fun.

Manage Apps’ Usage

View all installed apps and limit access to those you deem unhealthy. Bring back your kid’s focus to the family dinner time, school chores, and an early bedtime.
Block social media apps like WhatsApp, SnapChat and Facebook messenger that spread cyberbullying. Control apps usage during school time and family get together.

Know your kids’ current GPS location

No need to bother your child with calls to check their whereabouts. Kidgy GPS location tracker follows your kid’s movements and delivers their precise location straight to your phone. Keep a peace of mind and be aware of where your child is at this particular moment.

Set Safe Zones with Geo-fencing

Geo-fencing is one of our favorite features that allows you to indicate safe places on a virtual map. Set safe places around your home, school, grandma’s place etc and get alerted each time your kid enters or leaves them. You can also indicate places that you know are dangerous, and if your child visits them, you will be notified immediately.

Panic Button for Emergency Cases

The Panic Button feature allows your child to inform you immediately about their whereabouts in case of emergency. One click is all your child needs to let you know they need your help. You will receive a special SOS message together with GPS location of your child.

View Text Messages

No need to feel embarrassed every time you take your child’s phone to check text messages and people behind them. View necessary information remotely. Find time and date stamps, and even deleted text messages to make sure they are hanging with the right crowd.

View Call Logs

Does your child get upset or irritated once somebody’s calling? It’s the right time to view call logs and people from a contact book. Find out how often and who’s calling your child. Block calls from unwanted people and protect your child from toxic relationships.

Daily Scheduler Planner

The Kidgy Schedule Planner is a virtual agenda shared between parents and kids. Set time for home routines, school assignments or other regular activities. Follow the child’s progress and provide the timely guidance if necessary.

How to Download Kidgy?

You can find Kidgy parental control app both on Google Play and Apple Store. It is free to use with a limited set of features with an upgrade paid version.

Kidgy Vision

Along with a tech solution, Kidgy team raises awareness about online safety. The software operates within the European Commission program “A European Strategy to deliver a better Internet for our Children”and finds inspiration from UNICEF Report on Child Online Safety to “make the web a better place to surf for children”.
We encourage you to team up with your kid to explore all the benefits of the Internet use and let Kidgy make it safe and interesting.

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