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What is Verizon FamilyBase?

In the technically developed world, with each day it is becoming more and more challenging to stay on the top of our kid`s online activities. Modern kids are texting to their classmates, communicating with their peers, playing games, googling what’s new in the world and even take online classes. That’s why it might be hard to keep an eye on their phone activities. But if your provider is Verizon, there is the solution for you – FamilyBase. It is an option that allows setting mobile boundaries for your kid phone usage.

What is Verizon FamilyBase?

FamilyBase is the Verizon add-on service, that allows monitoring phone activities and provides parents with a safer environment for their kids.  With Verizon FamilyBase parents can get better control over their kid`s mobile usage. It is easy and convenient in use and operates on a simple dashboard that can be applied to any multiline account only for $ 4.99 per month. The first month is free. FamilyBase helps parents to set boundaries on what their kids are doing. FamilyBase covers such things as:

1) Your kid may use the phone too much.

2) You are wondered with whom your kid is texting.

3) You want kids to complete the homework assignment without any distractions (games, chatting).

4) You want to protect kids from the dark Internet side.

What does FamilyBase companion do?

FamilyBase is a tool that helps to find a right balance between screen and family time. Verizon FamilyBase gives a possibility to:

  1. Set reasonable boundaries, limiting calls, texts, and Internet usage.
  2. Childproof the Internet access, blocking inappropriate apps and sites.
  3. 3.View usage activity, including the kid’s texts, call history and unwanted contacts block.
  1. Stay vigilant, controlling your kid`s online activities.

How does FamiyBase for Verizon work?

To start using FamilyBase service, parents need to add it to their Verizon account and then download the app. Besides, parents are able to establish time and data controls, block apps and set the content filters with Verizon FamilyBase.

How to setup Verizon FamilyBase?

To start using Verizon FamilyBase, you need to follow several simple steps:

  1. Install the FamilyBase app from the Google Play or Apple App store.
  2. Select parent and child lines.
  3. To download the app to any FamilyBase parent device, follow the text message link.
  4. Send the companion app to the kid`s device and then start setting the restrictions and monitor the activity.

What if I have another phone provider?

If you have the other provider and it doesn’t have any parental controls to protect kids online, there is another solution for you – Kidgy.

Kidgy is a parental control app both for Android and iOS devices and it serves as a digital assistant for parents when they are not around. It allows forgetting about the stress of tracking kid`s phone activities. Using Kidgy, parents can always know what their kids are up to online, checking their phones remotely.

Kidgy low-cost cyber nanny has the reasonable number of features to protect kids while they are surfing the Net. With Kidgy Parents can:

  • Messages: read all your kid`s text messages and follow with whom they are communicating. Parents will be able to see time and date of every text.
  • GPS: view your kid`s real-time location to know where they are at this very moment. Remotely parents can check whether they are at school or skipping classes, visiting granny or hang out in the distant area of the city.
  • Geo-fencing: choose safe and dangerous areas on the virtual map and follow the position of your kid around them. View the route history and time when your kid passed these zones.
  • Panic Button: allows your kids to inform you when you need any help or immediate intervention. Get the notification about the kid`s exact whereabouts on your phone.
  • Apps: Supervise your kid`s apps usage. Restrict the dangerous apps and suggest the educational ones. Besides, you can correct your kid’s schedule and safe time for the home-assignment and sleeping hours.
  • Calls: be aware of whom your kid is communicating via the phone. you can view the contact list and block unwanted ones to prevent unwanted communication.
  • Internet filter: Monitor and moderate your kid`s online activity. Using Kidgy you will be able to view the visited sites and block the adult ones. Also, blocking the Internet access, you can get more time for family get-togethers and outdoor activities.
  • Daily Schedule Planner: Parents can educate their kids and set the tasks remotely. With Kidgy parents can follow their kid`s progress and assist when it is needed. Encouraging healthy habits and teaching them responsibility can be very helpful in their further adult life.

Kidgy is the easy-to-use app, which helps parents to manage juveniles` phone activities. With Kidgy parents can be completely sure their kids are not involved in anything bad online like cyberbullying, sexting or communication with online predators. Using Kidgy parents can block unwanted numbers, manage and block the apps and sites that they consider dangerous. Parents can also track their kid`s real-time location, set virtual boundaries and get the notifications when they are breached.

If you want to be sure that your kids are not surfing the Net when they are supposed to do their home assignments or not playing games when they need to sleep, Kidgy is the best choice for you.

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