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What Parents Need to Know About IGTV| Parental Guide

If your kid has an Instagram account, it is more likely that they already discovered a new Instagram app, launched on June 20, 2018. It is called Instagram TV or IGTV. The app was created in celebration of achieving 1 billion users and complete with YouTube. Nevertheless, like other apps, IGTV has things parents need to be aware of.

What is IGTV

It is a stand-alone app, which allows watching longer vertical videos of friends, favorite celebs or other interesting people. Users can leave comments, put “likes” and share the video with their Instagram friends. Besides they can change the categories between “Following,” “Popular,” “Continue Watching” and “For You.” Kids are attracted to Instagram TV at least for three reasons:

1) All uploaded videos can be up to 60 minutes in length;

2) All shown videos are full screen and vertical, regardless of the layout the video was created in;

3) There are no ads there.

How to Use IGTV

It is very easy to get started with Instagram TV. Just go to App or Google Play Store and download a free app on your mobile. Once the download is completed, open the app. If you already have the Instagram account, you can sign in to with the same account.

What Parents Need to Know about Instagram TV

  • Absence of parental controls: Like Instagram, IGTV doesn`t have any parental controls to supervise kid`s activity within the app. There are only parental controls that can block unwanted apps.
  • Adult content: The most attentive parents know that adult content can be easily found on Instagram. The same goes for IGTV content. To verify that, log in to the IGTV account or use the Instagram one. Then in a search box type any piquant word. For instance, “naughty” and you will be shocked by results. Each of this search result is a separate Instagram account which created their own IGTV channel and submitted videos to it. So you can click on any of those accounts and browse through Instagram without leaving IGTV.
  • Full access to Instagram and vice versa: It means that even not having Instagram installed on your device you can browse through it only having access to IGTV. IGTV gives full access to Instagram and the opposite. Instagram provides full access for IGTV.

As you see inappropriate content can be easily found on IGTV. Also, inside of IGTV, users can click on Instagram profiles and access all the content without leaving IGTV.

How to Protect Kids from IGTV

Sad to say, but instead of video platform with built-in parental controls, Instagram merely has developed the one with a video-free-for-all, which is becoming every parent`s worst nightmare. So how to keep kids safe on IGTV? It is the most complicated question.

As we already mentioned, there are no parental controls to supervise and moderate Instagram TV usage, but there are apps that can at least block IGTV, Instagram and other unwanted social media platforms on your kid`s device. Kidgy is one of these apps. It provides parents with useful insights into kid`s online usage, helping to keep all kid`s smartphone activities in their own hands.

With Kidgy parents can:

  • View the list of installed apps and block the inappropriate ones;
  • Monitor browsing history and block adult sites;
  • Restrict Internet access for sleep and school hours;
  • Educate kids remotely, giving them tasks and following their progress;
  • Track their GPS location and set safe and dangerous zones;
  • Read all their sent and received text messages;
  • View their incoming and outgoing calls;
  • And even more;

Whether your kid already started using Instagram TV or not, you need to have a conversation and bring up such issues:

  • What content is appropriate and what they re not allowed to watch;
  • When they can use IGTV and how long;
  • Why your kid is attracted to IGTV;
  • What content they watch there, etc.

Parenting in a digital world is a tough task, but it is not any easier for your kid, taking into consideration atrocious and negative stuff floating around social media platforms and apps like IGTV. That`s why for parents it is crucial to keep eyes wide open and always be ready to guide their kids in the ever-changing technologies without being victimized by them.






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